Faster Sales. Higher Revenue. 

On Thursday, March 28, sales professionals will learn how to achieve both in a 1-day conference. 


Everyone sees you as a rockstar.

On the inside however, you don’t feel like you are getting as much traction as you could be... and your sales numbers agree. 

You rock your industry and you are brilliant in your zone. You are a world changer… except, you can’t change the world if you can’t attract and help the people who need you the most. 

You're ready to improve your process, shorten your sales cycle and ROCK your income this year. You're ready have unstoppable sales confidence.

Unstoppable Sales Confidence a 1-day conference that will rewrite your next success chapter

Thursday, March 28, 2019 

9:00 am - 4:00 pm MST

Hera Hub 2111 E Highland Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85016

You're a sales professional who wants to increase your income.

You've had successes! But you've always found the process difficult or uncomfortable. Now that you're ready to hit new (and scary!) goals, you know you need a new approach.

You want to be more efficient & productive with your time.

You've found yourself often thinking you work far too hard to achieve the sales you close. You're ready to finally discover the method that closes the highest number opportunities in the fastest cycle possible.

Sale is an integral part of your job, but you're not comfortable in that space... yet!

Sales are at the very core of your job, but you still haven't gotten "used" to it. If you're looking to push through a current roadblock, or if you simply want to ensure continuous, fast-cycle sales in the future, you'll fit right in.

You feel like selling has to be 'salesy'.

You've felt "cheesy" or "salesy" when attempting to increase your income and it eventually leads to you holding back. Sound familiar? I promise you, sales does NOT have to be salesy.

You know there are gaps in your current sales process.

"It just doesn't flow." Does that explain your current process? I so, you need to know you will walk away from this event with a repeatable, streamlined process. Your new & improved sales plan will have you closing sales and increasing your revenue for years to come. 

The networking events you're attending aren't producing well-aligned sales.

You've been to a 100 different events, conferences, summits, workshops and training... and none of them feel like a high-producing, smart spend of your time. Is this you? If so, we'll be discussing exactly which networking events to ditch, and which ones will be your new favorite hot spots.

You sometimes find yourself stumped at critical stages of the sales process.

We all have moments when we just don't know what to say! I'll provide customizable framework so that you're empowered to have more successful sales conversations. Checklists? Specific step-by-step guides? Yes, they're included!

You want an unbiased opinion on how you can improve on your exact roadblocks.

You're tired of attending sales training and events that promise to give you a sustainable method to increase your sales. You know the next step of mastering sales is to get exact feedback for your personal experience and expertise. Hot-seat coaching will be available at this event to do exactly that.

If you said "yes!" to any of these, this event will increase your income.

"My confidence has skyrocketed."

I have always been introverted but through classes you've taught, I've learned to work with my personality and not against it. 

I don't have to be perfect and the loudest in the room. But if I do my homework beforehand, I can go with the knowledge that I need to talk to a specific 3-5 people that I believe will make great business connections. 

It's still outside my comfort zone but I don't have to be the life of the party to enjoy the benefits of networking.

Rebekah Jones

"Tish has made the uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming idea of "sales" into the process of networking, building relationships and serving people."

I have learned how to:  

1. Ask the right questions upfront to determine if it's a right fit  

 2. Listen, gain understanding and go from there  

I love how Tish systematically breaks down the components into manageable segments, making the process much less daunting and more fun. 

Tish's classes are a must for anyone who wants to be able to serve others, not sell them. For entrepreneurs, it provides a proven system to follow and replicate. For sales professionals, it provides strategies and insight into how to authentically relate and build relationships to serve instead of sell."

Kathleen Gramzay

"Tish Times changed my world. "

"She got me networking, both online and offline and it increased my business income by $120,000. 

The stronger I get, the more I can do for my clients. Working with Tish is a game changer."

Glenda Toon Symphony Financial

First, I listen.

Slow sales cycle? Less-than-stellar conversion after networking events? Are you spending far too much time and closing less sales than you dreamed about?

We'll drill into exactly what's holding you back in achieving the kind of success you KNOW is possible. You'll have the opportunity to get 'hot-seat' coaching to uncover your exact areas of opportunity.

Then, We partner.

During this 1-day conference, I'll give you the exact steps, scripts, and checklists to create a high-performing sales cycle that works over... and over... and over again. I'll give you the precise tools you need to become an incredibly efficient, unstoppable, and confident sales powerhouse.

Lastly, You close.

The ultimate goal is that you'll attract the right clients for your business, network in the best-fit places to maximize prospecting efficiency, and close more sales with confidence and ease. When you follow the steps in this training, you will close more sales. Period.

I’m Tish Times.

I’m a sales and networking expert, trainer, teacher and downright obsessed with helping entrepreneurs to stop tip-toeing around sales. I'm on a mission to help my students and clients own their value, find sales confidence, and make life changing income so they can change their world. 

Over the past 10 years, I have helped hundreds of busy professionals from all over the world develop unstoppable confidence and increase their revenue… so you are absolutely in the right place! 


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